Natural remedies for bunions

Today, more women complain of foot pain due to painful lumps next to the big toe – also known as knuckles. Knuckles are a deformity that is defined as lateral deviation of the big toe (the toe is deflected sideways), and has an effect of creating a bunion. A bunion is cartilaginous and osseous enlargement of the medial head of the first metatarsal bone, which is often associated with swelling of medial soft tissue and indicates a number of acute and chronic increases of the first joint of the thumb.

The reason for the increase of this problem, in addition to hereditary factors and flat feet, is the wearing of uncomfortable tight shoes and high heels. If we spend most of the day in those shoes, our feet endure a lot of pressure, and, it is unable to change position in order to achieve comfort. The feet remain collapsed, which is causing pain, redness, and numbness of the thumb. These pains are spreading over the entire body. Doctors warn that heels over 3 inches damage the health and cause the occurrence of pain in the foot, heel, toes, calves, knees, hips and even in the back and neck. Many women suffer from this problem nowadays and natural remedies for bunions are a great help for them.

Until now, in treatment of knuckles is usually applied in the form of surgery or the use of various orthopedic devices. In surgery, the emphasis is on the structural narrowing of the angle between the first metatarsal and toe phalange, as well as the removal of the deformed tissue around the bone or joint. The bunion should also be removed. However, the most common consequence in the postoperative period is cracking of the muscles that cross the ankles. That is causing severe pain, and that is the reason why patients are more reluctant to undergo surgery. On the other hand, the use of devices has the purpose of removing the pain and relieve the affected joint, but the effects are weak and do not provide lasting results. These are the reasons why more and more people are trying some natural remedies for bunions.

There are several natural remedies for bunions and knuckles that we will mention. First of all, you will have to make some changes in your lifestyle. You should get used to walking barefoot. If you cannot walk barefoot, wear special shoes for bunions. Basic natural remedy for a bunion is the foot exercise. You should first stretch your thumb with your fingers and then you should stretch the rest of your toes. Then you should press your toes against the floor for 10 seconds to flex them. You should repeat this exercise several times. Sometimes, it helps to duct tape your toes in a normal position. To feel relief from pain, you can soak your feet in warm water or you can try to use ice packs.

Natural remedies for bunions – Severe cases

In the treatment of severe bunions, natural remedies for bunions will not be so efficient. Therefore, you should contact your doctor. He will give you some medication for pain. Maybe he will advise for surgical procedures.

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